Whirlwind Missions

Friday, May 20, 2022

Grandgirls! Car! Plaza Fiesta! 5.20.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:39 pm  

I was up around 5:30 AM studying EspaƱol.


Kathy and I drove to Azalea early this morning so I could get some work done on Ashley’s car. Had to get the VIN and car information from it.

I got two new front tires for her. The old ones were shot.


Also got a new toilet seat for the mission.

Ashley’s car key was also messed up. My mechanic recommended a key guy for me to use. Later today, he came by Azalea and got her a new one made.

I use my buddies at T&G a lot for information.

Talked to my Mom about what luggage we’ll be bringing to Texas.

I was in conversations with my tire guy, my key guy and my car guy today.

Great to be with my girls!

My tire guy has really been great for us. I scheduled a time and I was in and out with two new tires in less than thirty minutes. Amen.

Mr. Richard is a great guy.

After getting the new tires, we went to Plaza Fiesta to have some fun. The Kindergarten graduate!

This looks interesting. I reckon we’ll go to the exhibit. I’ll probably take J with us too.

Went by my office to check the mail and my ficus tree.

Harry on the way home.

Warm day. I tried to keep the girls inside as much as possible.

Went by my sister-in-law’s house this evening to help her with her phone.