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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Groceries! Tree! Bike! 5.3.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:33 pm  

I thought this cartoon would make you feel great!

It was Kevin Kelly‘s birthday recently, he’s one of my heroes. He had some good advice for his birthday.

I read an interesting article about William Blake who is my favorite poet.

I also bought a new book of his.

I studied Spanish and verbs.

Did my brain training.

Had a great talk with my buddy, Anthony Jacquin.

I transported squirrel #101.

I picked up my groceries today from Walmart.

I wear a mask when I go over there.

I clean everything off before I bring them inside.

It was a beautiful, warm day today.

I’m still working on filling up the gap in my oak tree in my backyard.

It’s an on going project. I have to do it, let it dry then do the next level and let it dry. I’m getting closer all the time to filling in the gap.

I rode my bike 8.69 miles today.

I got started kind of late so couldn’t ride as far. I don’t ride when it starts getting dark.

The clouds were magnificent today.

I love the full sun moon.

I am studying more about seeing the Starlink satellites.It was a complete bust last night so I’m not only tracking when I’m doing it but which satellite streams were on there. For instance I was trying to see Starlink three last night. In a couple days I’ll have another chance to see them but this time it will be Starlink five.

I listened to Spanish radio from Madrid.

Also watched El Dragon in Spanish.

Made some lemon squares this evening.

I put some new caulk around my bathroom sink.

Also fixed my fusion razor. Needed a new AAA battery which I got in from Amazon today.

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