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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother’s Day! Oak Tree! Bike! 5.10.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:16 pm  

I enjoyed studying the illustrated Blake book this morning. So beautiful!

Studied Spanish. Concentrated more work with verbs.

Did my brain training.

Had a great talk with my buddy Anthony in the UK.

Across the street from where I was recording I saw a gaggle of geese. They always remind me of cows eating grass.

Ashley and the girls came over for Mother’s Day. Always fun to see them. We called my Mom, too.

Beautiful day today.

I did my final work on the oatree project. I cut off some of the excess foam and then sprayed it with brown spray paint. I consider that project completed. Always good to see that.

Checked on my tire pressure for my bike before I went on a ride.

Around 12.41 miles according to Runkeeper but I actually did over 15 miles.

Whenever I use my Radio Garden app a lot of times it will stop Runkeeper.

While on the bike ride, I saw a lane of traffic on the main road was blocked off. As I got closer to them, it looked like a lady and her son were looking for something. So I stopped to see if I could help and the lady asked me if this was my son and I said, “No.” Then she asked if I lived around here and I said, “No, I’m about 5 miles from my house.” I took over the situation because I’m good with kids. Soon, a cop came over and I told him that the boy was probably autistic and I was sitting with him to make sure that he was going to be OK not freak out. I told the police officer that soon we’re going to see his parents come running around looking real frantic. About five minutes sure enough the dad came down the street running at pretty much full tilt looking for this little boy. It was definitely some excitement on my bike ride today.

After I got home, I started working on a comforter that needed cleaning. I usually spray it down and then scrub it with detergent and some Oxiclean to get the stains out. I’ll scrub it again tomorrow and then wash it off one more time let it dry before I put it back on the couch where we sit on it on our porch.

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