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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Blake! Bike! Oak! 5.7.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:06 pm  

I studied Blake last night and this morning. Focused on his illustrative work.

Also looked up where William Blake is buried in London, and who was nearby him notably Daniel Defoe. Both were buried in a pauper’s grave. Defoe‘s book Robinson Crusoe is supposed have been translated into more languages than any other book besides the Bible!

And William Blake is considered one of the most influential poets an artists ever and yet both died in almost complete obscurity and poverty.

I studied Spanish this morning including working on verbs.

Did my brain training.

It was a beautiful day today although cooler than it should be.

Paid all my bills.

Packed up the iPhone holder that I didn’t need to send back to Amazon.

Had a good talk with my buddy Joshua this morning.

Went over to Walmart to pick up my groceries. Took them home and got them all cleaned up. Brought them in the house and put them up.

Went over to the UPS store to drop off the package going back to Amazon.

I continued working on the gap in my oak tree in my backyard. I’m almost to the very top of the gap. I have to do it in stages so that the foam solidifies before I can do the next piece of it.

Rode my bike 15.31 miles today.

Was a great ride with perfect weather. Got a little chilly at the end.

I tried out my new earbuds.

They got super good reviews on Amazon and we’re only about $40. So I was real happy about that.

They sounded great and stayed in my ear perfectly so it was a great addition to my gear.

Listened to Harry Potter and radio from Madrid.

This evening I finished my bathroom caulking project.

This phase was with clear silicone on the edges and corners where the laminate was exposed. I think it’s ready for any water that might come on it on every possible surface. I feel good about that.

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