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Friday, April 5, 2019

Podcast! Supporters! Grandgirls! Wisteria! 3.5.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:08 pm  

Every morning I look at the Sleep Cycle program to see how I slept.

I pretty much always feel fantastic, but it’s still interesting to see. This evening I got my new fitness tracker/watch in. It will also measure my sleep patterns and my heart rate, which is the primary reason I got it.

I’ve increased my Brain Training time to 8 minutes sections from 5 minutes. I’m doing three in the morning, but my goal is 15 when I wake up and 15 before I go to sleep. If I stick to what I’m doing now, I’ll be doing 48 minutes rather than 30. It’s definitely added more focus to my prayer time.



Language, like growing trees, is a long-term project.
I released Verbal Surgery -650- “No Ledge!”

What we know can make us happy OR sad! Concentrate on what makes you feel better! Click on the title and GROOVE!

Uploaded to server.

Link on Facebook.

My last episode, “Who am I?” has been downloaded nearly 3,000 times. That really is astonishing to me. It’s one of my very best, for sure!

I got my new calendar in today. I made a schedule to release material to three separate groups: Our supporters from the teams that have worked with us, the group of Youth Directors from the Research List (the seven states around us that have yet to work with us) and the group of Youth Directors that HAVE worked with us.

Today was the Supporter Group.

I sent our supporters a link to “Who am I?” I’ll release my favorite episode of Verbal Surgery once a month.

I’m still learning how to use Mail Chimp. It’s definitely a work in progress.

Went by FBC Doraville to check on the mail.

The dogwoods are looking fantastic! They are supposed to flower around Easter.

The flowers are supposed to represent the four wounds of Jesus. Traditionally, the cross was made of dogwood.

Great to see the support come in!

Always fun to spend time with the grandgirls! We ate at Taco Veloz. It’s my favorite. I always imagine Anthony Bourdain being there.

Since it was kind of rainy, we did inside fun today: Hippo Hop!

We stayed about two hours. Wore them both out!

Eventually, Everly wakes up, I take her out of her chair and she sleeps beside me in the bed with Penelope.

They really are such a blessing to me! It’s like having daughters all over again. Everly is really picking up a TON of new worlds. Super cool!

I read Leaves of Grass while they snoozed.

I posted that picture to my buddy Anthony. He said, “That will lower your heart rate!” He was right!

I continue to make progress on the Wisteria project! This afternoon I read some more information about how to grow these vines. They said that the best of all possible worlds was to find where the vines and rooted and were sprouting new growth. I managed to pull these up. I’ll plant them tomorrow in pots and eventually put them in the ground. It was nearly dark by the time I got home.

Depending how these do, I may go back with a shovel and dig some more up. I got quite a lot today.
These have probably been growing here for decades.

The spot I was going to get them from near my house was even more prolific than this. I went by it on my bike recently and everything had been completely cut down! Saddened me. I saw this spot today. It’s near where Ashley lives.

These little sprouts can each grow new vines.

My original strategy was to just use cuttings. Then I realized that there were small
plants that were already established that I could use. I think that will be a lot better, but we’ll see. . .

The mother plant was absolutely gorgeous!

It was a huge area of Wisteria.

I wet the wash rag down to keep the tender shoots and roots wet. I’ll plant everything tomorrow. I may need to get more soil! This is typical for me. I pretty much overdo everything I set my mind to.

I got my calendar in so I can keep track of what releases when. Pray that all this effort will result in financial support and more teams coming!

I’m charging my new fitness tracker now. I’ll set it up tomorrow.
I used my new recorder last night. I actually talked about five separate dreams in one night. It’s a WAY better strategy than trying to write it down. In a moment, I’ll connect it to my Mac and start a filing system to keep track of it.
Admin duties now.