Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Anthony! Bob! Yard! Rockbridge Prep! Webinar! K! 4.24.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:45 pm  

I saw two raccoons at my feeders last night. I was so happy.

Woke up early. I was glad I fell back asleep for a little while.

Brain Training!


Good chat with my buddy, Anthony in the UK.

Also enjoyed talking with Bob Burns, another fun friend. He’s in Scotland.

Came home to work on the other 2/3s of the back yard. It’s a mammoth job and the grass/weeds grow so fast! I need to keep it mowed so we don’t have snakes.

I picked up a bunch of sticks. I took this picture when I was just getting started!

I love my Gorilla Cart. I use it all the time! Put some air in her tires today.

About 30 psi.

I continue to fill up the pit in my back yard, and the mushrooms continue to empty it. I thought for sure it would fill up when I started putting big logs and sticks in it. Nope.

Spent about an hour clipping vines off of my fences. What a hard job.

I’ve mentioned this before, but my yard is almost a 1/2 acre. That’s big, kids.

Over the 20 years I’ve lived here, the yard has gotten a lot better. The back yard when I bought the house was almost totally wild and filled with poison ivy and rocks. I still see some poison ivy from time to time, but I’ve gotten rid of most of the rocks now.

Had a fun webinar hosted by my buddy Anthony this evening. Very interesting and a lively conversation and group chat.

I didn’t go to the mission today. With the testing, there has only been one or two children with homework. I’ll go tomorrow to help.

I released squirrel #52 today. I don’t think I’m making a significant dent on the population, but at least we’re not completely over run with them. I know my bird feeders have seed in them at least three times longer. I actually watched this one trigger the trap. That’s unusual.

Went to Moes for a salad. It’s my current default meal when I’m not eating fruit at home.

Went to Dollar Tree to pick up a few things I was missing for the program Ashley and I are doing at Rockbridge BC this Sunday.

I washed down the garage, driveway and porch when I got home. Another little gift for Kathy.

I sorted and organized 80 bags for Sunday. Didn’t take me too long.

Each bag has a prayer card, a Red Thread that’s been anointed with oil from the Holy Land, a note card, a marker and two tiny Snicker bars.

I also got some goodies for Kathy for her birthday tomorrow. She liked the candy, and balloon. I made some cards for her. The big surprise? I had $70 in a couple of the presents. She wasn’t expecting that!

Admin duties now.