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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Bank! Wisteria! Bike! 3.6.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:08 pm  

Woke up! Yeah, baby! I’m doing well at remembering my dreams now that I have a small handheld recorder that I can talk into rather than writing stuff down. I’m averaging three dreams a night. Most of the time, I can’t remember what I talked about when I wake up!

Four entries this morning.

Brain training.


Got about .5″ of rain yesterday. I cleaned this out this morning so I can read it better.

I got my new fitness tracker on line. So far the only thing I don’t like about it is that it interferes with the other bluetooth devices that I may have running. I’ve read about this problem in reviews for other devices. Apparently, it’s a common problem.

I’m still learning how to use it properly. I tried to check it just now. Apparently, it didn’t track what I wanted it to do. I just realized it’s better to set that up with the app on my iPhone that to do it with the tracker.

Recorded “Greener Grass” this morning for Verbal Surgery.

Sweet Penelope got her first real haircut today. She loves it!

Went to the bank to deposit checks for Whirlwind. AMEN!

Always puts a smile on my face!

I worked on my Wisteria project today. Started planting the cuttings that I got yesterday. Planted nearly fifty! Not sure how many will survive. It’s definitely a learning experience for me. I think the plants that already had roots will do the best.

This was just tracking the planting project. Later, I also did some pruning.

Here are baby plants. Like I said, I’m really not sure how many will survive.

These larger specimens all had root structures that I pulled up out of the ground. I’m more optimistic about these.

My new pruning shears worked great. I got a cheaper pair from Walmart day Thursday. They were useless.

One of my goals for today was also to bring all the plants that I had inside back outside. I used to keep a LOT more outside. Over time, I realized that just wasn’t workable for most plants. They just died. I always thought outside was better. Not anymore! But some do well.

English Ivy is really bad for trees. I got a mitre saw and chop all these runners away.

I found the solid blade and handle works pretty well.
The other thing I’m always on the lookout for is my nemesis: Poison Ivy. Every year I go after it! And every year there is less than less in my yard. So far I have found ZERO! But it’s early. . .

The key is to try and pull out as much of the vine as possible. Just cutting it off at ground level does jack.
Also swept off my outside carpet area. Keeps me from tracking stuff inside.

Went for a 12.07 mile bike ride. I didn’t intend to do that much, but it really was delightful outside.


Admin duties now.