Whirlwind Missions

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Podcast! Hummers! Plants! 4.14.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:24 pm  

For the last three days I’ve had what the Brits would call, “ditchy tummy.” Feels burning and nauseous. Especially when I wake up.

I still try to accomplish my tasks, but wasn’t up to going to church.

I slept pretty well.

Brain Training


Had a fun chat with my buddy Anthony.

We haven’t talked in a while. He invited me to the conference that he and his Dad are doing in Toronto. Since I couldn’t do the Burning Man trip, this was a nice substitute and WAY cheaper. I thought $335 to Toronto was pretty cheap.

And I got an Air BNB for $35/night! Yeah, baby!

I’ve really been enjoying these! WAY better than a t-shirt over my head.

After talking to Anthony, I recorded a new podcast. That always makes me feel better!

Then got groceries.

Got home and worked on booking flight and housing.

Got about 1.25″ of rain.

The Wisteria that I planted that were more mature and had some roots are doing well. The other little plants I was trying to root, not so much.

I saw a male and a female hummingbird this afternoon. I cleaned and refilled my feeders to make them happy.

I remember years ago I had as many as 14 at one time. Now I’m lucky to see a couple. Sad face. But I’m glad at least a couple are back!
Watered my indoor garden.

I’ll be working on a project for Kathy soon.

Admin duties now.