Whirlwind Missions

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Grandgirls! 4.19-20.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 2:35 pm  

Grandgirls spent the night Friday, so I’m doing my admin duties on Saturday. FYI.

Brain Training!

Resting heart rate and O2 sats.

Powerful thunderstorms rolled through our area Thursday evening, giving us almost 4″ of rain. Whoa.


Recorded “Penultimate Goal” at Evergreen Lake. It was full!

Saw this car in the parking lot when I went for lunch.

And this on the side of a van. Isn’t that like step #1?

Went to Lowe’s to pick up some paving stones to keep Jesse from tromping in the mud when he parks his car.

I’m sending an email to our supporters (over 900) every week. Two weeks I have our newsletter (one with mine, the other with Ashley) the other two weeks I’m sending a link to one of my podcasts and the other a chapter from Story Tim. They also have an opportunity to donate to our ministry. Please!

Mailchimp is a new program to learn for me. There are always pieces that you have to figure out. I’m getting better every week.

One of my new disciplines is to keep a dream journal. I bought a small digital recorder so I can record what happened, rather than try and write them down. That was waking me up too much. The next day, I listen to the entries and title each dream so I can remember what it was about.

Cleaned my fish tank. Harder than normal, because the light got messed up and I had to unplug and get needle nose pliers after it. All working now!

The grand girls came over around 5:30 pm. I took them to Goodwill and the Dollar Tree. Highly recommend both locations to grandparents!

Penelope said she was putting the cones out “for safety.”

She cracks me up the things she says. This morning, I asked if she wanted milk in her cup. She said, “water.” I asked, “why?” She said, “Because it’s better to hydrate.” What?!

Friday, April 20th

I ran Sleep Cycle last night when the girls had the sleep over. Said I got a 51% sleep quality. I think that was optimistic. It’s just part of the gig! Still a blessing!

The next morning we did cereal.

Penelope had a really big supper. Wan’t very hungry this morning.

After Ashley, picked them up, I started on my normal disciplines.

Listened to Spanish radio.

Roads are still too wet to ride. I’m really careful about that since my last near fatal crash.

Admin duties.