Whirlwind Missions

Monday, April 1, 2019

Girls! Goodwill! Bike! 4.1.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:18 pm  

Practiced Brain Training!

Espanol! Progress!

I had the grand girls put their handprints on my car. When the pollen hits it, it sticks and leaves cute little marks. Unless the pollen is over. Which I doubt.

We went to lunch at Taco Veloz. The girls usually eat really well there.

The girls look super cool in their shades.

Almost finished reading the book Atomic Habits. It’s been really good.

I read this quote and thought about the stretching I’ve started doing regularly.

Got gas at the QT near Chamblee. Cheapest I’ve seen in the ATL!

We went to Goodwill near Perimeter Mall. It’s the best! I love going there because I get the best musical instruments for our teams at rock bottom prices! Found a super cool maracas today in the shape of a fish. Fun!


After I took the girls back home, I went to Walmart o get them some treats and groceries and a few things that I needed. Tried to make a key for Kathy, but no-one there to make it for me. Typical.

Added oil to my engine.

The clouds were gorgeous today! Art by God!

I got a voicemail from a friend of my Mom’s who is in town. I hope to take her around and show her the International Village. She’s visiting her daughter and granddaughters. Not sure if I’m equal to THAT! I’m encouraging them all to come!

Went for a 3.95 mile bike ride. I normally ride a lot longer, but I was too cold. No sun makes a big difference.

Still got my heart rate up. I’m expecting my new smart watch to come in soon. It was only $30 so I’m not expecting too much! The main reason I got it is to measure HR. It’s pretty highly rated for that. I have another app on my phone that works pretty well, but I have to get off the bike, do it and I only do that a few times. That’s a long way from a constant tracking.

Just after I finished.

Admin duties now.
Wrote the final “Thank You” letter to our team from this weekend. Also spent time tweaking that letter before I sent it as well as adding some donation links.

I’ll be working on adding some material to some of my social media feeds this evening. All of it adds interest in what we’re doing!