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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Podcast! Girls! Tires! Yard! 4.2.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:47 pm  

Part of my new life system is to track how well I’m sleeping.

I have an app called Sleep Cycle which generates lots of interesting data.

Even snoring!

Started the morning with Brain Training.

Studied Spanish.

Does them seem a lot without missing? I’m approaching my record which I set studying Portuguese of 282 days in a row.

Finished reading the Atomic Habits book. I found it very practical and interesting.

I recorded an episode of Verbal Surgery based on this concept called “Feeling Logical.”

With the end of the habits book marks the beginning of Leaves of Grass. I’m enjoying it.

My buddy, Anthony, said that this reminded him of me.

Met up with Ashley and the girls! Took them to our favorite Vietnamese place: Pho 24. It was excellent. I liked this poster on the door.

Love my grand girls!
Ashley got new tires on her truck. Amen!

Said, “Goodbye” with plenty of hugs, then went to the church to check on the mail.

Did some organizing in our closet. More work still needs to be done!

After picking up some checks, I went to the bank to deposit them.

Then headed home. Traffic seemed to be a bit lighter than usual, probably due to Spring Break.

Listened to some Spanish radio.

Mainly went through all my Bible verses and poetry.
Got home, dressed out and started working on my yard. It’s a mammoth project. I live on nearly 1/2 acre! I set a goal of around three hours.

Started with mowing. Just focused on the front yard today.

The hardest part was probably mulching the leaves. It’s heavy work that has to be repeated over and over again to get them mulched properly.

I turned all this to what looks like almost soil!

Then I raked all the fragments and mowed again.

A lot of it comes down to getting on my knees and removing the leaves with my hands.

Then I worked on the bushes in my front yard.

They haven’t been properly trimmed for probably ten years.

I pretty much finished the left half, the right half still had to be done when I took this picture.

I finished it all today, although I’ll get the mower near the bushes to take the remnants of stems close to the ground.

I created a massive pile of yard waste.

Jammed it into a garbage bin roller. Took about six trips to get it all. When I was dumping it, I stepped in a hole and kind of jacked up my left hip. Still kind of tender.

Also hauled off a bunch of heavy limbs in my Gorilla Cart.

I love that cart!
I put a lot of yard waste into my recycle area. I never burn. And it always disappears. Even logs!

After cleaning up, I took the garbage/recycle to the street. We just started a new pick up day: Wednesday.

I track everything with Runkeeper. I thought Rowing was probably the closest to what I was doing.

Worked on updating my social media feed. This is my Twitter account. I have over 70,000 followers.

I actually threw away an old map jacket today! I’ve never done that before. Usually I save them and either give them to people as gifts or I use them to work out in. After today’s yard work, this one was in tatters. It’s made of Tyvek, which is basically a type of paper.

I released an episode of Verbal Surgery last night called, “Who am I?”

It’s one of my best! Just click on the title and GROOVE!
It was downloaded over 1,000 times today. Wow.

Admin duties now.