Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Tim A. Cummins @ 6:32 pm  

Ashley, Jesse and I had a good talk with Trey Jarrad today.  He helped Ashley at Kensington Station for a few months before going to Dallas Theological Seminar.
He’s another of the folks that Whirlwind Missions supports.  It was good to get a report from him and see how well he’s doing in school.  I don’t envy him taking Greek or Hebrew!

J and I went over to check on the office, pick up bills and see how everyone is doing.  Seems like 2009 is starting out great.

We did some banking then over to Azalea to check on the kids.  We helped Mustak and Clinton do work on multiplying fractions. 
Clinton had a hard time getting it.  I think I may have hurt his feelings.  Sometimes it’s hard to correct people for the tenth time.  I didn’t yell at him, I just think he was sad that he didn’t get it as fast as Mustak.
Pray for the kids at the mission!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tuesday Tire Woes

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:47 am  

It could have been a day of tragedy yesterday. A car pulled out in front of Ashley, she swerved to miss him and because of the slick roads it sent her car into a spin. Her back tire hit the median (thank God that was there!) and smashed the rim which immediately flattened her tire.
We all helped her get the spare tire on them. It was a good training session for Jesse. I told Ashley if she has this situation, call AAA.

She was actually pointed toward the traffic that was behind her. She’s perfectly fine! Her angel has been working overtime, since she had something similar to this happen to her about a month ago. It’s amazing to me just how pitiful the drivers are in this town. I see this pulling out in front of people all the time.

We went to Lithonia to a junk yard there to pick up another rim for the Lumina.
Took us forever to get to the place, because there was a huge wreck on I20. Amazingly, there was no blockage at all on our side of the highway, but so many people looked at the wreck that it blocked traffic for about 2 miles. Can you believe how this car ended up?

Took a couple of hours but we got another rim and had it put on at Tires Plus. We buy the road hazard warranty so they took care of mounting and balancing for free. Amen.

In the morning Jesse and I went for a meeting with Santi Gahatay one of our new missionaries working with refugees from Nepal and Bhutan. I also met with Bennett Ekandem so I could get these two together. It was a good time of fellowship and planning.
Came home and ran 4 miles. Very mild–nearly 70 degrees! Got dark on the way.