Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Latin American Association

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:27 pm  

Early morning for me!  I’m more of a midnight than a dawn kinda guy.

I was part of a panel discussing the role of the Faith community in the Latino population.

The meeting was hosted by the Latin American Association.
I had a lot of good buddies there including Carlos Salaverria, Tito Ruiz, Marco Solano, Kelly Durant. . . . the list goes on!

I sure am lucky to be working with such a great team!

Spent extra time with Eduardo Zamora, our new missionary at Huntington Ridge and Jose Ayala–the Latino Liason Officer for the Dekalb County Police Department.  We went over to to Huntington Creek along with Marco and Tito to meet up with Ian and Ruthie, welcome them to the neighborhood and have a prayer time with them. 
It was a very moving prayer!

Ruthie’s Aunt Laurie had her big truck that she brought down from Virgina to help the Norths move.  She helped me get a dresser, file cabinet and microwave from my partners at Perimeter Church.
What a big help!

Ian and Ruthie, Tad, Laurie and Bill worked on the apartment at Huntington Creek. It’s looking great!

Went by Lowe’s to pick up another gallon of paint.  One coat didn’t quite cover.

Dropped off Bill’s dresser and a file cabinet to Huntington Terraces.  A lot of my day is taken up with haulin’ stuff around.

Came home.  Email & Blog.

Then I’ll work on my financial report.

Cold!  Below freezing last few nights.  Wild after that super warm weather a few days ago!