Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Tim A. Cummins @ 9:06 pm  

Spent the morning doing errands.
Paid the bill to get Ashley’s truck fixed. Looks great! Glad the guy that hit her had insurance. Cost over three grand!
Good news was they fixed several other little things all for the same price.
Gas in the car.
The Slim Fast is for Jesse. Ironic, eh?

Then picked up Jesse and we went into Chamblee to check on the Norths.

Picked up a TV for the H. Creek apartment.  Best Buy only sold ONE regular TV.  Everything else was a flat screen: equals expensive.  PLUS I go the news that our Best Buy on 78 is closing down!  What a heart break.  I love that store.  Electronics, media. . . yummy.  Two years ago they closed down Media Play near us.  Double whammy.  The whole team over there is moving to Loganville.  I’m glad they’re not losing their jobs.

Took the TV to the mission at H. Creek.

Then J and I had a meeting with Tom and Barry who are our partners helping support Pastor Eduardo from Venezuela.  They’re great guys and I’m glad they’re on our team!

Over to Azalea to check on Bill who is repainting the mission at Azalea.  He’s doing his usual super job.
We also help Jolie who needed help with her report on the solar system.
We only let her in because the walls in the mission were wet and she had to have the info today.

Also went to Office Depot to pick up ink cartridges for the printer at Azalea.

Back home to work on writing newsletters.

K and I are going out of town for our weekend together.  Praise the Lord!  Need a break!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Tim A. Cummins @ 8:39 pm  

This morning I had a meeting with two of my favorite partners, Kevin Riley and Bennett Ekandem in Clarkston.  We got together with Ricky Thrasher who is the Community Minister for the Georgia Baptist Convention. 
Ricky wanted to know more about what we’re doing in Clarkston and how he might be able to help.  We shared with him a few things and I pray that we might be able to help him in the future.  I’m especially interested in a church he mentioned in Gainesville.

I met Marco Allen for lunch at Perimeter Mall. 
He’s the team leader for the group coming from First Baptist Atlanta in June.  This will be the first time they’ve organized a short term mission trip in our area.  It was a productive time and I pray that many people will be able to participate.

Went by Huntington Creek to check on the Norths.  It was their first night at the mission at Huntington Creek last night. 
Everything went fine!  They had one of the local police officers come by there yesterday and was shocked that there was anyone living on site.  I was glad that he didn’t totally scare them off.  The cops can really come on strong sometimes.  I know they’ve tried to scare me about the dangers of where we’re working plenty of times.  They’ll ask me, “What kind of weapon are you carrying when you go there?”  When I answer, “The Bible,” they normally get a confused look on their faces.  But it’s the truth.  Our God is a shield around us!

Met up with David and Beverly from Briarcliff BC this afternoon at Azalea. 
They’ll be bringing their youth group over on February 6th.  I showed them around the complex and introduced them to a bunch of my kids.  The kids were just going flat crazy, racing around and around the mission.  I’d send them out one door, they’d run around the building and shoot in the back.  Fortunately, I had Ian and Ruthie to help me corral them while I tried to help Saed with his homework. 
Anyone remember how to determine the domain and range in Algebra?  Not an easy task!

I took the Norths over to Lowes to pick up some other supplies we needed for the mission at H. Creek.  In particular we needed a new sink.  The other one was horrific, just about rusted all the way through.  I sure am glad that Bill Hickey is still around to help us with that stuff.  (Debbie, better let Edwin know I’ll probably have to start calling him again!)

I’m working on the newsletters.  Ashley got everything printed up this afternoon.  I worked till 1am on it last night.  Pooped now!  Midnight comes fast!