Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christ Church and Azalea Labels

Tim A. Cummins @ 12:17 am  

Jesse and I had a meeting with new partners from Christ Church of Metro Atlanta along with some of my favorite missionaries. 
I had a great time getting to know Chris Jordan and Jeramy Anderson from Christ Church.  They’re interested in working with internationals.  We certainly have plenty of them!

They’ll be helping Paul Reynolds at Northchase and Ian and Ruthie North who serve at Huntington Creek.  Bill Hickey who leads the work at H. Terraces was also there to show them around.  I got the word last night that Bill will be moving back to New Hampshire soon.  That’s a real loss for our ministry!
Paul introduced them to the Northchase property and showed them the clubhouse there.  We had a good prayer time blessing the community.
Jesse and I then went over to meet with Dr. Argarkhar.  The doctor was very impressed with J’s progress.  He seems optimistic that the state will drop the charges against him.  Praise the Lord for that! Pray that that will happen.

We met back up with Ian, Ruthie and Bill after the doctor appointment.  I took them to the bank so we could give them a love offering so they could get some food.  Missionaries gotta eat too!
Check out Ian’s iguana.
Then over to Azalea where we helped the kids with their homework.  We spent hours helping Maria in particular with her long division.  It’s hard to divide 29 into 830 when you really don’t know your times tables.  Jesse had the patience of Job to help her. She’s a really sweet kid.  I told her she really has to practice those times tables, cuz it’s only going to get harder!

The kids also helped us put the labels on our envelopes. Mikey got pretty enthusiastic about that!

We finally got home about 8:30pm.  Still need to work on finishing up the newsletter for this month.

Pray for our partners and new missionaries!