Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rock Garden

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:47 pm  

I had a restful morning.  I enjoyed watching the birds.  I have a team in town this weekend so I’ll be working the next couple of weeks in a row.  Gotta rest when you can!

I had another profusion of birds at my feeders.  I counted over 50 Pine Siskins.  I sit on the ground near the seeds and I’m just surrounded by birds.  I sit completely still and am an accepted piece of the forest.

Can you imagine me sitting still for an hour?

This is a Northern Flicker. Don’t get to see many of those.
I’m trying to learn how to shoot a picture through my binoculars. Not entirely successful.

I got some new binoculars.  They’re 16X.  They’re nice and light and very compact.  They really bring the birds in.

I read in a book recently that birds are attracted to running water, so I’ve been looking into getting a little water pump to put in a fountain.  I went to Lowes that they’d marked down a prefabricated little three foot running fountain.  They’d been selling them for $120.  It was marked down to $30–which was the price of most of the pumps!
So I bought it for my garden.  It’s like adding a portable waterfall to your yard.

Went in to Norcross to talk to my partners at Concept 21–the Corners.  They had our lease ready to sign so I went over and took care of that.

Also went by Azalea to check on the kids.  I also took a bike to Jimmy.  I hope he likes it.  It looks pretty good, but it’s a chick’s bike.  Not sure he’ll go for it.

My friends from Dunwoody Baptist Church got a donation from Publix: some grills and goodies.  They brought it on over to us.  THANKS!

Beautiful wispy Cirro Stratus clouds today.c

Here’s some stories by my Dad about hunting in Kenya!